Weapon of the Host

Each signature weapon crafted for every member of a Host is empowered personally by the Sorcerer King of that Host. Though each weapon begins with minimal magical power, they have the potential to be much more. Each weapon has a form a Vampiric Enchantment that allows it to steal the magical properties of another magical weapon, so long as that weapon was not created by the same Sorcerer King.

This process is performed by burying both weapons beneath a Spirit Stone for one full night with a sacrifice of at least 500gp. When unearthed the next day, only the Weapon of the Host will remain, its powers now determined by the stronger weapon.

Signature Weapons by Coven

Bear: Longsword
Lion: Halbard
Wolf: Longsword
Raven: Quarterstaff
Dragon: Quarterstaff or Footman’s Mace
Eagle: Longbow
Bat: Shortsword

Weapon of the Host

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