Welcome to the world of Abberil

The world is named after the first Sorcerer-King Dralkus Abberil – a being a such immense power that the entire world fell before him. He reigned with a iron fist for centuries, taming the very gods by forcing them into a kind of spirit linked to the world instead of the great outer planes beyond it. Eventually Dralkus sought successors and so took a host of apprentices, 13 in number, with which to share his secrets.

And share they did, in a feast of his honor with him being the main course. Once the dreaded thirteen had gleaned enough of his power, they found the secret to kill Dralkus and then consumed of his flesh to divide up his great and terrible power among them. Turning their new power to their own dark desires The Thirteen then divided up the world and separated with the knowledge that they were now enemies – each wanting more of the power that they had partaken in.

The fact that they were able to kill Dralkus cemented in each a fear of their own mortality. For despite the ability to extend their life forever, it was forever still in a mortal shell. So as each had the same power as their brethren and no intention of sharing it with any other, they built massive armies with with to enforce their will and protect themselves.

This army was divided up into legions numbering at just over 6,660 soldiers known as Hosts. The soldiers of each Host was specially indoctrinated into service with a magical ritual of a thrice-borne curse against betrayal. They were given the finest weapons and armors, though even their gear itself had its own terrible secrets.

Thus we find ourselves focusing on the plight of the Paragon Host of Mallax, his own personal legion of protectors and enforcers, as he sends them on a journey so important that failure means a fate worse than death….

The Doomed Host

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