The division of armed forces in Abberil by The Thirteen. The numbers of each section, down to the individual units is a carefully planned mystical equation. Each number is a spiritually significant count that enforces the rituals of binding on its troops.

The Organization of a Host (6,660 troops + 118 officers = 6,778)
13 men in a Coven [504 Covens in a Host]
7 Coven in a Cabal (91 men) [72 Cabal in a Host]
2 Cabal in a Order (182 men) [36 Order in a Host]
9 Orders in a Hive (1,638 men) [4 Hives in a Host]
4 Hive in a Host (6,552 men)
18 Aerial troops in a Flight
6 Flights in a Swarm (108 troops)

Hierarchy of a Host (Titles)
4 Hives: Air, Earth, Fire, Water
9 Orders: 1st – 9th (Ranked in terms of effectiveness with 1st being elite, and 9th being fodder)
2 Cabals: White/Black
7 Coven: [Bear, Lion, Wolf] (Soldiers), [Raven, Dragon] (Casters), [Eagle, Bat] (Scout/Sappers)

Cabal (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) and Hive titles (White and Black) are informally combined into a single descriptor to shorten their title.
Air/White: Mist
Air/Black: Smoke
Earth/White: Alabaster
Earth/Black: Obsidian
Fire/White: Celestial
Fire/Black: Infernal
Water/White: Moon
Water/Black: Blood

There are many different Host names, some take their name from their function (i.e., the Civil Host which serves in civil duties spread out among the cities) or their deed (i.e., the Drowned Host which once flooded an island kingdom to crush a rebellion rather than risk a loss of forces. The Paragon Host is the primary Host that directly serves a member of The Thirteen. Each Sorcerer-King has his own Paragon Host.

Sample Titles: Formal (Informal)
Paragon 8th Earth Coven of the White Eagle (8th Alabaster Eagle)
Paragon 5th Wind Coven of the Black Dragon (5th Smoke Dragon)
Paragon 1st Fire Coven of the White Bear (1st Celestial Bear)
Paragon 4th Water Coven of the Black Bat (4th Blood Bat)

Each soldier in service is given Raiment of the Host and Weapon of the Host depending on his service as Soldier, Sapper, or Caster.


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