4 foot tall male dwarf, ruddy skin, dark hair, eyes, and beard, beard is braided into two long braids that extend nearly to his knees


3rd level CG Dwarf Fighter
17 Str 14 Int 8 Wis 11 Dex 13 Con 11 Chr 12 Com
Double specialized in battle axe (named Torina) and uses throwing axes for ranged combat. Really likes axes!


Thainen enjoyed the life of beign a member of the 8th Wolf in Mallax’s Paragon Host. That is, before he was tasked with getting on a ship to deliver the artifact. Thainen, like most dwarves, dislikes the sea as he is easily made seasick and cannot swim. He only vageuly remembers the last battle at sea, being nauseated by the stench of the fish men.

Thainen enjoys a good fight and a good feast, he is quite strong and not unintelligent so does quite well in a fight. He does tend to make a fool of himself in front of attractive women, as there are so few in Dwarven society, and is often caught staring at intentional or unintentional displays of attractive female anatomy.

The reality of his entire family and civilization being hundreds of years gone has not quite hit him yet. Returning from stone in the presence of other members of the Paragon Host has grounded him and the fact that their mission has gotten them off the sea is definitely to his liking. Once he has some down time for some introspection (not that he is terribly self aware by any stretch of the imagination) he may feel the loss more. For now the mission keeps him centered and going and all the better that there are beatiful elven women to gawk at and halfling girls to tease, he is content despite being cursed.


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