Heinen (Deceased)


Heinen met his untimely end at the hand of a man very similar to the tormentor of his sister. He bravely fought and died to protect his commanding officer. RIP Heinen, have fun stabbing people in Hell.


Heinen came from a relatively well off family, until their father died when he was age 2. Unfortunately, when his mother went to claim her inheritance at the local magistate, she found that her husband had been balancing huge debts for a number of years, and by the time the creditors got paid, there was nothing left. After this, she and her two children, Lauren, ager 10, and Heinen, age 2, had to dwell in the worst parts of the slums.

Heinen grew in the slums very wary of others. He knew no other life. His sister Lauren told him of the times before they dwelt in crushing povery, and he listened to these simple tales, about a home with no rats, or simply having enough to eat, as raptly as any child listens to any sort of fantasy tale.

Heinen’s mother caught consumption and died by the time he was 6 years of age. His sister Lauren was force to work the street to earn enough of a pittance to feed the two. Heinen knew little at that age of what his sister had to do to get by, but he thought life was better for some time because more money started rolling in and he actually improved in stature from gaunt to merely skinny.

Eventually, as Lauren grew in experience and beauty she managed to secure a place where the povery was only nominal. She hated the humiliating and degrading acts she had to perform, but wanted a good life for her little brother, so continued in her trade until she became the regular girl for a prominent locla merchant, Flaintin Harang.

Unfortunatley, Harang was a brutal, sadistic man, and often would leave Lauren bruised and bloodied. Heinen started to note this as he got older, but Lauren was able to hide the truth until he was 12 years old.

One autumn evening, Harang came to the dwelling, very drunk and angry. He kicked Heinen out of the way, and went straight into Lauren’s chamber. Heinen heard some crashing around, some yelling, then a thud, and silence. Panicking, he attempted to open the door, but it was locked behind him. He started pounding on the door. The door sprung open, revealing the supine form of Lauren on the floor, and a furious, shaking Harang standing over her with a broken wine bottle. Heinen dove to the floor to see to his sister, but Harang, overcoming his shock at what he had done, grabbed the boy and brutally knocked him in the head, knockign him out.

Heinen awoke to find the floor covered in congealed blood and his sister lying unresponsive in the middle. After cryign so hard he could cry no more. he grew cold and furious. He vowed that the man who took the light in his life away would perish by his hand.

Having grown up in the worst part of the slums, he was aquainted with thugs and cutthroats of the worst description. He plied them all for information on how to kill a man as quickly and grusomely as possible. He spent many days planning, pracitcing climbing walls, practicing murder on such animals that he could catch, scouting the home of Harang, and ducking into shadows of the slums to avoid detection. He practiced for a solid month before he decided he was ready to launch his assault on Harang’s compound.

He managed to sneak behind the house, make it over the wall without hurting himself too badly, and make it to the first story window before one of Harang’s guards found him. The guard beat and insulted Heinen for hours before he threw him over the outer wall. Nearly broken, Heinen managed to crawl back to an alley in the slums and recuperate there until his broken bones were healed.

His second attempt, he was captured right after he got over the outer wall. This time, he was brought before Harang, who recognized the boy, and beat him mercilessly with a horsewhip. After this, Heinen was put into a large crate and put into a wagon, to be put on a ship. Once the ship left the harbor, the crate was thrown overboard. Luckly for Heinen, the current washed him ashore only a few miles down from the city and he was eventually able to kich his way out of the crate.

While recoverying from his beating, he realized that he was not strong, or smart, or dexterous, but he could get strong, smart, and dexterous by constant practice. He dwelled in a small village ten or so miles out of the city, only doing odd jobs for people to earn a little food, and otherwise pushing himself and training himself to be hard, smart, and ruthless.

A year later, he judged that the time was right. Undoubtedly Harang would have forgotten him at this point. This time, he studied the compound for days before making his move, seign the pattern of the guards, and knowing when to strike. Over the fence, up the wall, between the patrols, he made his way to Harang’s private chamber, where Harang was fast asleep, snoring loudly. Heinen took his dagger and deftly cut directly into Harang’s voice box, not deep enough to kill, but enough to silence him. Harang grabbed his throat and tried to scream, but due both to lack of air and to the damage to his voice box no sound came out. Heinentook his blade and pierced Harang’s chest quickly in several locations, avoiding the heart but puncturing the liver, spleen, and stomach. Heinen knew that the stomach acids would start to eat to his flesh and cause excrutiating pain. Then he cut the tendons in his knees and elbow so he could not move. Finally, he plunged the dagger into Harangs crotch and castrated him. He then sat and stared at Harang until he died nearly 5 unspeakable minutes later.

Heinen, his deed done, cut off an ear as a souvenier, fled out of the chamber and out the window before the guards could find him. He had done it. He had avenged his sister, and found that ending a man’s life, taking away his whole future, a whole world of possibilites, was very exhilerating. Seeing his enemy shake in agony, unable to move or even sceam, made him feel powerful. He would continue to rid the world of those who were a blight on existance, he would an avenger, striking in the night, leaving not a trace.

Teh next day the city awoke to find the prominent merchant Flaintin Harang brutally murdered in a most horrfying fashion. There were no clues, and no suspect. The assassain’s guild was in turmoil, as it seemed to be a professional job (other than the excess bloodiness) and no hit had been authorized. Heinen let the buzz build for a week before casually mentioning to a cutthroat aquantaince that he may have some information on the murder. He was brought before the assasain guildmaster and was asked to tell what he knew.

Heinen decribed the entire murder, in a cold, emotionless voice, then tossed the ear to the feet of the guildmaster. The guildhall was in uproar. Never had a mere 13 year old boy been known to commit such a brutal murder! And with no witensses! The guild master then took young Heinen on as an apprentice, training him in the fine art of murder.

Heinen (Deceased)

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