Dicey Riley


Carissa Shortwick was born into an average family, or what was considered average in the Moorish Swamps. As she grew she became more rebellious to her parents, constantly spouting things like “You don’t get to control me” or when she was really drunk. “You’ll be sorry when you’re gone.”

She picked up the nickname Dicey Riley during her time with one of the local gangs. They would send her out on a risky job but she would get it done. So when they sent people out they were rolling the dice, but when they sent her out they were rolling their dice, thus the name Dicey Riley.

She has since been exiled until she regains her respect for Family and Friends. She has come part way so far. She still drinks like a fish but she no longer steals unless it is required or useful for her to do so. She has also learned the value of respect, giving as well as receiving.

Dicey Riley

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