The Doomed Host

A fateful voyage

In which the 9th Earth Order is given new orders

The legend begins with the 9th Earth Order of the Civic Host being assembled from their various cities across the realm. The soldiers were informed that they had just been transferred from the Civic Host to the Paragon Host, as all four 9th Hives had been destroyed in the Sorcerer Kings current conflict. They were given less than an hour to muster for teleportation to the Paragon Hosts current location.

They were teleported from their safe assignments to the middle of a war torn city. The battle had long since passed their location, but they could see magical explosions and bolts of lightning further inland. The various unit leaders from Hive down to Cabal made their way to the Paragon Command center to receive their new orders. There they learned that King Mallax had just acquired a treasure of great importance that could not be teleported home but must be carried across the sea. Such was the importance of this task that he entrusted it to his own personal legion to see it safely back home. The only part of the Paragon Host to remain behind was the Auxiliary Swarm for his personal transportation while he cleaned up the battle.

To see the treasure across the sea, a fleet of 36 warships was being prepared, with a special treasure chest being taken to each. This would make it so no one would know which ship the treasure was really on. The Paragon Host would divide such that there was one Order per ship, putting 182 fighting men on each ship to protect the treasure. The voyage home would take nearly two days, even for the magically assisted vessels.

The 9th Earth Order of the Paragon Host made way to their ship and began to board the vessel. Once the ship was fully loaded with rations and other spoils of war, they set sail for home. Shifts were quickly set up, with only three entrances to the cargo hold and 14 Coven to protect them, even the 9th couldn’t fail to complete its mission. And for the first full day of the voyage, that seemed a very true story. It was only near midnight the following day that the entire Order that was not on watch was awakened to a unearthly voice heard over the entire fleet.

Making their way to the deck, the 9th Earth saw the vision of what could only be one of the Thirteen floating over the sea in front of the Paragon fleet. The apparition of a beautiful woman spoke again to the collective fleet. “Fools! Return to the Trellian to me now! Your master delves in matters beyond your mortal understanding!” In response to her demand, the Seaform, the fleet’s flagship launched a volley of magic up and through the apparition to the cheers of the rest of the fleet.

The massive woman then uttered “So be it!” and vanished, her image replaced by churning black clouds as a massive storm began to form around the fleet. The waves began to churn and foam, and the ships began to be buffeted by the sea as the soldiers all rushed to their posts. On the Maiden’s Fate, the ship of the 9th Earth Order, the surge of the ocean crested the middeck of the vessel. As the water was swept back over the side, fish deposited on the deck began to writhe and change into Fish Monsters that swiftly moved to attack. Over the course of the next minute, the Fish Monsters were joined by large Crab Monsters – every crash of a wave bringing endless reinforcements.

As the ship began to crest a massive wave, the 9th Earth was given a bit of a respite and took stock of the rest of the fleet. Most ships seemed to be suffering a similar fate, and several appeared to be under attack by giant kraken. As their ship crested the large wave, a feeling of dread flowed through them as they began to sail back down towards a massive hole in the ocean itself! The sailors rushed to cut the sails as the ship plunged towards its seeming doom. As the ocean closed around them and the air pocket collapsed, only the magics of their Raiment saved them from being swept overboard. Instead, magically held to the deck of the submerged ship, the members of the 9th Earth Order of the Paragon host bravely fought on, praying that the ship would once again surface before their air gave out…



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